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Be the among the first to report and read about acts of prejudice and descrimination across the globe.

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What is PrejudiceTracker?

Let's talk for a minute about changing the world, for the better. About helping people lead better lives, about reducing fear, pain and suffering. About more people living in dignity, free of persecution, prejudice and discrimination.

Lofty goals for sure. Is it possible that an App could really play a role?

Yes, but the power of the totally free App, PrejudiceTracker to improve the lives of people who are abused and mistreated, discriminated against, harmed economically, emotionally and physically, lies not in the App itself, but in the millions of people we believe will crowd source the reports that expose, describe and fight prejudice in every form, potentially in every corner of the world.

Review and rating sites utilize the energy and time of millions of people to help you find a great restaurant, make your commute easier and find a good contractor or physician.

With your help PrejudiceTrackercan do something infinitely more important.


“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” 
 Maya Angelou