Individual anti-prejudice and human rights organizations will be able to brand the App for their area of work and geographic location(s). In effect, the PrejudiceTracker™ will become their app to serve constituents, help further build a supporter base, and eventually fund their own organization.

Along with the branding for each organization, there will be a generous amount of space for organizations to highlight their focus and mission, and to offer tips and information useful for dealing with abuse, prejudice and discrimination. PrejudiceTracker will benefit and support both abused people and the organizations that are doing the hard work of prejudice mitigation and eradication.

The PrejudiceTracker™ App and Web Platform will be free to both organizations and the users. While the App is not yet complete, it is moving forward steadily and will launch soon.

Over the last few months we have started contacting organizations working on anti-prejudice initiatives, and have had many encouraging comments and offers of cooperation. Needless to say we are very excited about the potential benefit to all concerned.

Please know that any comments or suggestions you have about the App, the planned organization-specific branding, or anything else, will be considered closely and very much appreciated.