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Thank you for visiting our website, but there are several other very important things we’d like to ask you to do that would be an enormous help.

Below is a list of two hundred and eighty five anti-prejudice organizations from around the world. The list originated at We have manually verified that each organization listed there is active and enhanced the list by adding the name and email address of the Founder, President or CEO of each organization. We have also updated their address and general contact information. While it is obvious that each of these organizations is focused on a very small sliver of the entire prejudice, abuse, discrimination problem (e.g., a specific religious or ethnic group or a specific topic like sexual orientation or bullying, etc.), these organizations can be encouraged to play a significant role in generating press coverage for PrejudiceTracker™.  The enhanced and verified list can be found at

We very recently sent each anti-prejudice organization on this list an email asking them to announce PrejudiceTracker to their constituents, members, or community. We also sent them a customizable press release and requested that they use their press contacts to publicize the imminent birth of this new global, all-encompassing, free, crowdsourced anti-prejudice interactive platform. Your second and equally important role, should you so choose, is to view the list and email the organization(s) of your choice, reminding them about PrejudiceTracker™  and encouraging them to announce and publicize this soon-to-launch tool for humanity.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, please spread the word with all of the tools at your disposal. Like us on Facebook, + us on Google+, tweet about PrejudiceTracker, and let your social media friends know that you endorse and support this worldwide effort. Ask them to join in and tell their contacts. Feel free to add your comments to the discussion on Also, please download and post the PrejudiceTracker™ badge that can be found on this website to your Facebook and Google+ pages.

“After all, it’s pretty hard to be prejudiced against blacks and gays when you’re a-okay with Klingons and the Green Men of Mars.” 
 Lou Anders